Our Disruptive Mission

Empyrean Medical Systems, Inc. is well-positioned to transform the radiation oncology space and disrupt it from the ground up. This is a unique opportunity in a stagnant and what is now regarded as a legacy market that virtually hasn’t changed much for decades. Joining the Empyrean team opens and provides new horizons for growing with a very dynamic and innovative company that has no pre-established interests. Just changing the radiation oncology field – for good and for our patients!

Join the Empyrean Insurrection!

Empyrean aspires to become a valued and respected mainstream provider of products and services in the radiation therapy and oncology spaces. Our science, technology, and strategic business plan is paving us a clear and timely path for implementing our roadmap and rapidly gaining market share in this important market. We are set and determined to launch our new products and services to market in order to offer our patients a true and new alternative to the current legacy providers and products. We are dedicated to sustaining Empyrean’s performance-driven culture, which requires our unwavering commitment to the highest standard of ethical behavior and integrity in everything we do.

  • Empyrean is re-invigorating the oncology field through brand new technology and science.
  • Empyrean will incur tremendous growth in the coming years.
  • Empyrean is well-positioned to capitalize on several market dynamics and opportunities through addressing the new trends in healthcare systems around the world, addressing the acquisition and ongoing costs, and providing clinically superior products and solutions.
  • Empyrean has a very experienced world-class multidisciplinary team with a proven track record of success.
  • Empyrean has several patented and proven technologies that are ready to be launched and followed by sequential innovation and science.
  • Diverse product portfolio that future-proofs the hospitals’ investments and providing them with the latest innovative technology to fight and treat cancer.
  • Mission-centric and patient and customer focused culture, with zero compromises.
  • Empyrean will be generating revenue from Year 1, as its product portfolio also includes an FDA-cleared device, which is ready for market deployment.

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