Do You Have What It Takes? Are You a Rad Thinker and Innovator?

At Empyrean, you will work with the world's most talented scientists, physicists, engineers, applications specialists, business professionals, and thought leaders to change how cancer patients are treated. For Good. We constantly think how to eradicate cancer in unconventional ways, always live outside the box, and see our teammates as siblings in arms on our mission and campaign to win this war!

If you are unconventional, an amazing person (which matters the most to us!), and a creative innovator in your respective field –please contact us and we will welcome you in open arms!

Our Core Values DNA

Radical Intellectual Non-Conformance

We encourage radical intellectual thinking and encourage our teams to constantly push the envelope and shatter conservative thinking in the name of science and the well-being of our patients.

Ethics & Professionalism

We conduct ourselves with integrity and accountability, creating confidence among colleagues, employees, partners, and clients.

Patient & Clinician Centricity

We always have our patients and clinicians in mind, which drive all our actions and efforts towards achieving extremely innovative and breakthrough implementation with everything we create and launch to market.

Respect & Harmony

We embrace a diversity of ideas, cultures, ethnicities and backgrounds, and treat all stakeholders with consideration and dignity. We have zero tolerance to negativity, passive-aggressiveness, and toxic inner-politics.


We recognize and reward individuals based on demonstrated ability, accomplishment and commitment to carrying out our mission: using our team’s knowledge, talent and creativity to enhance and improve the clinical outcomes of our patients and pave the way for innovations that improve humanity’s health around the world.

Streamlined Processes & Rapid Execution

We dismiss and never accept inefficient heavy processes and unnecessary complexity. We research, develop, innovate, and execute our science and technology in unprecedented pace and with our unique extreme process management. If you can’t stand the intellectual and implementational heat in our labs, please stay away…!


Our benefits and compensation packages are competitive with unparalleled latitude for extreme creativity, personal growth, and professional development. A career at Empyrean Medical Systems offers the opportunity to make an impact and make a significant difference in the world — with our patients and clinicians.

Equal Opportunity Employment

We are committed to equal opportunity for all applicants and employees. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, age, sexual orientation, national origin, disability or status as a disabled or Vietnam-era Veteran in employment. We support our veterans and encourage you to join the Empyrean family to continue your journey in making this world a better place!

Job: Artificial Intelligence Systems R&D
Title: Machine Learning Engineer
Requisition ID: 20-001

This role requires broad knowledge of the current machine learning and statistical modeling methods and an understanding of how such methods are applied to manage infrastructure cloud. Prior experience as a data scientist is preferable. Knowledge of R, Scala and/or Python for data science is essential in this role as is prior experience in building machine-learning models using techniques such as regression, classification, recommendation, recursive neural nets, convolution, etc. Application of machine learning in advanced medical technologies and large scale settings using distributed learning algorithms is desirable.

In this role, you will be responsible for building models that are used for efficient utilization of resources. You will mentor other data engineers, data scientists and software engineers and you will work closely with our product and program managers in developing requirements and specifications for our AI/DL core.


  • MS or PhD in Computer Science, Robotics, or a related field or BS with 5+ years applicable industry experience
  • 5+ years of practical software engineering experience with C++ in a Linux or Unix environment
  • Expert in C++ programming (C++11 experience preferred)
  • Deep knowledge of modern SLAM and localization techniques
  • Experience with probabilistic filtering and nonlinear optimization techniques
  • Experience with the Machine Learning based SLAM systems
  • Experience with the Robot Operating System (ROS)
  • Experience with software development on/with robotic and/or automation platforms
  • Demonstrated expertise implementing efficient and scalable software and algorithms
  • Working knowledge of a scripting language such as Python
  • Experience with a nonlinear solver such as Ceres
  • Experience reading and implementing published research
  • Hands-on expertise with SQL databases such as Oracle is required
  • Knowledge of Apache Hadoop ecosystem, Complex Event Processing engines, Apache Spark, Spark MLlib and streaming systems
  • Excellent interpersonal, written, and oral communication skills

Job: Embedded Systems R&D
Title: Embedded / DSP Engineer
Requisition ID: 20-002

As a Digital Signal Processing (DSP) Engineer at Empyrean, you’ll contribute to the implementation of a cross-platform (Movidius Myriad2, Qualcomm Hexagon, FPGA, etc.) DSP framework for our state-of-the-art medical devices and modules, high-level requirements implementation, regulatory certification support, and transfer to production, including developing the infrastructure necessary for porting and testing. You will also work with the Diagnostic Imaging, Computer Vision, and Machine Learning (ML) team to port algorithms efficiently on various embedded platforms and ensure compute and memory budgets are met through optimization and benchmarking.


  • MS in EE, Computer Science, or a related field or BS with 3+ years applicable industry experience.
  • Board Bringup and Device driver experience
  • Experience with Movidius Myriad / Qualcomm Hexagon or similar DSP
  • Familiarity with I2C/SPI interfaces
  • Bonus if you have experience with Machine Learning on DSPs or Microcontrollers
  • Excellent interpersonal, written, and oral communication skills

Job: Medical Robotics Systems R&D
Title: Robotics Systems Software Engineer
Requisition ID: 20-003

Are you inspired by implementing new technologies to benefit cancer patients around the world? Do you dream of being at the forefront of robotics and medical systems technology? We’re looking for an experienced engineer capable of implementing and delivering state-of-the-art medical robotics systems software that will be deployed at a global scale on all our disruptive cancer treatment systems. In this role you will design and implement a wide range of low-level systems software on our advanced hardware platform including Linux kernel modules, Java, network stack components, and build tools. The ideal candidate will have experience with practical implementations of robotics and real-time systems software on diverse hardware platforms (prior medical robotics systems experience is highly desirable).


  • BS or higher in Computer Science or related field
  • 3+ years professional programming experience and fluency in C++, Java, and/or Python
  • Strong Computer Science fundamentals in algorithm design, problem solving, and complexity analysis
  • Experience in Linux application development
  • Experience programming with concurrency and multithreading
  • Experience developing tools and build systems
  • Demonstrated ability to design, implement, and test software in a fast-paced environment
  • Development experience in Embedded Linux systems
  • Knowledge of ROS, NIST NML, JAUS (SAE AS-4), or other robotic standards or frameworks.
  • Experience programming with real-time operating systems
  • Experience working with sensors, actuators, and other electromechanical devices
  • Experience working with safety-critical software
  • Excellent interpersonal, written, and oral communication skills

Job: Medical and Particle Physics R&D
Title: Senior R&D Physicist
Requisition ID: 20-004

We are looking for a Senior R&D Physicist to join our Research & Development team at Empyrean. We seek passionate and inventive individuals who can help us design and develop state-of-the-art particle accelerators and beam delivery systems. The successful candidate will work with our team of electrical, mechanical, and software engineers, physicists, and product and program managers. As a key researcher and developer of a disruptive and state-of-the-art medical device product, you will require a deep understanding of the physics/science behind particle ballistics, and you will also need hands-on expertise in electronics, simulations, data acquisition, optics, opto-mechanical assemblies, scripting/programming, fluid handling, and deep data analysis.


  • A Master’s degree with a minimum of 5 years of industrial experience; or a PhD with 2+ years of industrial experience; or equivalent work experience
  • Knowledge of particle physics, optics, mechanics, electronics, programming, and lab experimentation techniques
  • Experience in Monte Carlo simulation packages (MCNP, Geant, Fluka)
  • Industry experience in a medical, nuclear, X-Ray or scientific environment
  • Must be comfortable with data analysis and plotting tools, e.g. one or more of Mathematica, Matlab, Origin, R, Igor, etc.
  • Understand something about DFM (Design for Manufacturability)
  • Excellent interpersonal, written, and oral communication skills

Job: Corporate Administration
Title: Executive Personal Assistant
Requisition ID: 20-005

We are looking for an Executive Assistant to perform a variety of administrative tasks and support our company’s senior-level managers.

Executive Assistant’s responsibilities include managing calendars, making travel arrangements and preparing expense reports. To be successful in this role, you should be well-organized, have great time management skills and be able to act without guidance.

Ultimately, you will contribute to the efficiency of our business by providing personalized and timely support to executive members. You will have a broad horizon for personal development and professional advancement as the company grows.


  • Act as the point of contact among executives, employees, clients and other external partners
  • Manage information flow in a timely and accurate manner
  • Manage executives’ calendars and set up meetings
  • Make travel and accommodation arrangements
  • Organize, manage, and host VIP visits to company’s global headquarters
  • Rack daily expenses and prepare weekly, monthly or quarterly reports
  • Coordinate schedules between company’s global offices and locations
  • Act as an office manager by keeping up with office supply inventory
  • Format information for internal and external communication – memos, emails, presentations, reports
  • Take minutes during meetings
  • Screen and direct phone calls and distribute correspondence
  • Organize and maintain the office filing system


  • Work experience as an Executive Assistant, Personal Assistant or similar role
  • Outstanding personality with utmost ethical conduct
  • Excellent MS Office knowledge
  • Outstanding organizational and time management skills
  • Familiarity with office gadgets and applications (e.g. e-calendars and cloud workflow management systems)
  • Excellent verbal and written communications skills
  • Discretion and confidentiality
  • High School degree
  • BA/PA diploma or certification is a plus

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