Do You Have What It Takes? Are You a Rad Thinker and Innovator?

At Empyrean, you will work with the world's most talented scientists, physicists, engineers, applications specialists, business professionals, and thought leaders to change how cancer patients are treated. For Good. We constantly think how to eradicate cancer in unconventional ways, always live outside the box, and see our teammates as siblings in arms on our mission and campaign to win this war!

If you are unconventional, an amazing person (which matters the most to us!), and a creative innovator in your respective field –please contact us and we will welcome you in open arms!

Our Core Values DNA

Radical Intellectual Non-Conformance

We encourage radical intellectual thinking and encourage our teams to constantly push the envelope and shatter conservative thinking in the name of science and the well-being of our patients.

Ethics & Professionalism

We conduct ourselves with integrity and accountability, creating confidence among colleagues, employees, partners, and clients.

Patient & Clinician Centricity

We always have our patients and clinicians in mind, which drive all our actions and efforts towards achieving extremely innovative and breakthrough implementation with everything we create and launch to market.

Respect & Harmony

We embrace a diversity of ideas, cultures, ethnicities and backgrounds, and treat all stakeholders with consideration and dignity. We have zero tolerance to negativity, passive-aggressiveness, and toxic inner-politics.


We recognize and reward individuals based on demonstrated ability, accomplishment and commitment to carrying out our mission: using our team’s knowledge, talent and creativity to enhance and improve the clinical outcomes of our patients and pave the way for innovations that improve humanity’s health around the world.

Streamlined Processes & Rapid Execution

We dismiss and never accept inefficient heavy processes and unnecessary complexity. We research, develop, innovate, and execute our science and technology in unprecedented pace and with our unique extreme process management. If you can’t stand the intellectual and implementational heat in our labs, please stay away…!


Our benefits and compensation packages are competitive with unparalleled latitude for extreme creativity, personal growth, and professional development. A career at Empyrean Medical Systems offers the opportunity to make an impact and make a significant difference in the world — with our patients and clinicians.

Equal Opportunity Employment

We are committed to equal opportunity for all applicants and employees. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, age, sexual orientation, national origin, disability or status as a disabled or Vietnam-era Veteran in employment. We support our veterans and encourage you to join the Empyrean family to continue your journey in making this world a better place!

Title: Senior Machine Learning Engineer

We are currently looking to hire a Senior Machine Learning Engineer to join our team in Boca Raton, FL. We are rapidly growing and will be changing medicine in the field of oncology for patients in years to come. Salary is contingent upon years of relevant experience, demonstrated track record and skills.


  • Non-conventional thinking and approach to problem solving and ideation
  • Work on learning-based solutions for a variety of tasks in medical data analysis with a particular focus on the processing of medical images and videos (e.g. image segmentation, object detection and more)
  • Strong background and education in mathematics, physics, computer science or similar background
  • Profound demonstrated experience in using modern machine learning methods along with classic computer vision approaches to solve challenging problems in the area of image processing
  • Strong mathematical background and interest, allowing you to understand modern machine learning methods in all their details and making you eager to adapt and further develop these methods in your daily work
  • Good confidence in using the Python ecosystem for efficient prototyping of your ideas
  • Strong interest and skills in software engineering and object-oriented programming (ideally in C++), allowing you to integrate your algorithms within a complex software framework


  • Participate in company equity
  • Unlimited vacation
  • Flexible work schedule
  • Work closely with management (successful in scaling previous BioTech ventures)
  • Health, Dental and Vision Insurance

Title: Medical Imaging Processing Software Engineer

We are currently looking to hire a Medical Imaging Processing Software Engineer to join our team in Boca Raton, FL. We are rapidly growing and will be changing medicine in the field of oncology for patients in years to come. Salary is contingent upon years of relevant experience, demonstrated track record and skills.


  • Develop and implement sophisticated mathematical algorithms and services used in the field of medical image processing and segmentation
  • Efficiently improve the architecture and performance of services in the area of planning surgical or radiotherapy treatments with modern C++
  • Degree in Computer Science or similar background
  • Profound demonstrated experience in modern C++ and good knowledge of the STL and the algorithms library
  • Passion for mathematics and analytical thinking
  • Knowledge or interest in some of the following standards and technologies is a plus: DICOM, FHIR, gRPC, Protocol Buffers, REST, microservices


  • Participate in company equity
  • Unlimited vacation
  • Flexible work schedule
  • Work closely with management (successful in scaling previous BioTech ventures)
  • Health, Dental and Vision Insurance

Title: Director, Clinical Applications, Customer Experience and Patient Advocacy

Department: Commercial
Reports to: Chief Commercial Officer
Date Created: March 2023
Starting Date: ASAP
Salary: $115,000 – $120,000
Location: In US with close access to major airport for travel

Who and why? Are you currently in a Clinical Applications role but want to be on a true path of career development? Do you want to impact patient care directly and have a true ‘voice’ in your role? Do you want to use your creativity to develop and implement a department that will have a true impact on helping to improve patient care in Radiation Oncology? Then this might be your ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity! Empyrean is a start-up organization looking for a true, creative, and innovative leader who can roll up their sleeves during our ‘start-up phase’, stay focused on the ‘big picture’ as we start to scale and lead with a smile as we succeed! This is a unique and pivotal role and is not your ordinary ‘Clinical Applications’ position.

This position requires a multi-thinker and doer! This position is a rare opportunity to work with a start-up organization and truly have a ‘voice’ to shape and build the culture. Serving our patients, their families and their health care providers is at the center of everything we do! We only hire those who are passionate about helping patients live longer lives and changing radiation oncology for good.  If you have the drive to succeed in your career, want the chance to be promoted quickly, receive equity at the ground level of a start-up and truly have the desire to help patients, caregivers, and providers with your clinical expertise… then check out this role!

Unique Perks for a unique position:

  • 3k salary increase for every system sold within first year of role
  • 5% of sales team total commissions
  • Company Equity package
  • Unlimited Vacation policy
  • Health, Dental and Vision Insurance
  • Promotion in title and responsibility if all goals and objectives are met on first year anniversary of position.
  • Culture – Team atmosphere – Everyone at Empyrean, no matter their title or experience, is encouraged and inspired to work together as a team to achieve one common goal. We are young and dynamic start-up now, but have our sights set on becoming a significant game-changer and paradigm-shifter in Radiation Oncology. No matter what size we are…we will maintain a positive, synergistic, and team-player culture to achieve all goals to truly make a difference for our patients and clinicians worldwide!
  • Report Directly to the Chief Commercial Officer – hands on experience with the C-level team!
  • Opportunity to join a disruptive start-up and opportunity to CREATE – we like to say you get a chance to ‘write the book’ instead of just ‘read the book’!
  • Opportunity to work with the most innovative and effective technologies and products in Radiation Oncology. A position where you truly go to bed at night feeling like you really make a difference – Every Day!
  • FUN and transparency – We want everyone to have fun with what they do! Yes, we have an impressive core team full of talent, experience, and knowledge in Radiation Oncology…but we also enjoy what we do! We also want everyone to feel comfortable in being transparent and we all live and conduct ourselves by the same principals!

Job Summary

The Director of Clinical Applications, Customer Experience, and Patient Advocacy will be responsible for developing and leading clinical and operational expertise by providing education and training directly to all clients and end users of all Empyrean products and services. He/she will develop and execute an exceptional customer experience in utilizing all products and services of Empyrean. He/she will develop and lead patient advocacy and engagement strategies to build brand awareness and education around all Empyrean products and services. As the clinical expert within the commercial department, he/she will be responsible for enhancing the customer experience by supporting the sales and marketing teams’ pre-sale through post implementation by providing effective outcome-based education and training solutions. He/she will establish long-term and strategic alliances with clients, and key patient groups. This is a multi-faceted role within the organization, and he/she will connect various internal functions and teams – such as Sales, Marketing, R&D, Medical and Quality to represent the client and patient ‘voice’ internally and externally.


Experienced in deploying and training Healthcare Providers externally or internally in one of or all the following disciplines and/or products is required:

  • Radiation Oncology
  • Radiology
  • Treatment Planning Systems
  • Surgical Oncology

Education and Experience Requirements

  • Existing relationships with HCPs within Hospital organizations, Oncology, Radiation Oncology is strongly preferred.
  • Current license in Therapeutic Radiologic Technology/ARRT is strongly preferred.
  • Mid-level Education degree such as Physician Assistant/Nurse Practitioner with experience in Hospital, surgical or Oncology setting is a plus.
  • Graduate of a Jcert accredited program is a plus.
  • Experience with a start-up company building similar departments and teams is a plus.
  • Experience in developing relationships with patient advocacy groups within the Oncology specialty is a plus.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Travel onsite to all new and existing accounts to train and educate all end-users of Empyrean products. (50-70% travel per month)
  • Establish and maintain relationships with Radiation Oncologists, Surgeons and Physicists and all staff of existing accounts.
  • Ability to teach embedded image-guidance, integrated treatment planning systems, and other extremely technical capabilities of all Empyrean products.
  • Clinical expert and master utilizer within the commercial department on all Empyrean products and services.
  • Help establish treatment protocols and guidelines for utilization of all Empyrean products and services.
  • Work closely with Company Chief Medical Physicist and the R&D team on product development, validation, clinical training development, and products deployment strategy and methodologies.
  • Provide virtual training sessions as necessary.
  • Participate in and contribute to Medical Advisory Board meetings.
  • Provide clinical training of products and Oncological disease states for all new and existing hires.
  • Assist in developing KOL’s as speakers and supporters of Empyrean’s products and services.
  • Hire and build out clinical applications/customer experience and patient advocacy teams as company grows.
  • Support Sales and Marketing teams with prospects and closing meetings when necessary.
  • Work closely with the Marketing team to develop effective messaging and clinician engagement strategies to each individual prospecting segment.
  • Attendance to conferences, tradeshows, and internal meetings as necessary.
  • Create and implement patient advocacy strategy for organization.
  • Focus on Clinical Applications and how to effectively teach all Empyrean products and services to all end-users: 40%
  • Focus on creating an impeccable Customer Experience utilizing all Empyrean products and services: 40%
  • Focus on establishing relationships with patient advocacy groups and building patient awareness of all Empyrean products and services: 20%

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