About Our Mission

Our Odyssey to Change it All. For Good.

Empyrean was founded to fundamentally change the way cancer patients are being treated when faced with such a life-altering experience. We take cancer on all its forms personally and with utmost vengeance. Our families, friends, and communities were all inflicted by this phantom disease, which now reached pandemic proportions. We live and work every single day to make a real difference for our patients, their families, and our clinicians all around the world. We will never cease innovating, developing, and launching ground-breaking disruptive technologies to the market until cancer is completely abolished from this world.

We are currently undergoing our Series A Preferred private capitalization round to fuel and propel our strategic business plan forward and launch our first product this year and follow with several new and game-changing sister products in the upcoming months and years. If you are a qualified private investor, please contact us via the Investors page to learn more about how you can join the Revolution!


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